Jan. 30th, 2010

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First of all...

Yay! 100th book post! :D

I promise that this'll be the last use of large, sparkly text I use...until the 200th post, and that could be awhile. :)

Dragonriders of Pern: The Renegades of Pern
by Anne McCaffrey

p.23-24 "We're honest traders, bringing good wares and news to isolated holds that can't always get to a Gather. We travel from inclination and choice. This is a broad and beautiful world we live in, Jayge, and we'll see as much of it as we can. We spend long enough in one place to make friends and understand different ways of doing things. That's far better, to my mind, than never moving out of one valley all your born days, and never hearing a new way of speaking or a new way of doing. Keeps the brain blood circulating; shifts ideas and opens eyes and hearts."

p.113 Armald, with a big frame and a threatening arrangement of thick features, was a good man to have at one's back, but he was not clever enough to spot menace unless it came at him, swinging sword or club.

p.162 "She deserved to be dropped down a smooth hole and left there."

p.261 "We could go have a look," the Masterharper suggested. "I'd like to find something myself! Wouldn't you?"
     "Not if I have to dig it out by myself," Piemur replied.
     "Would I ask you to do something I wouldn't do?" Master Robinton demanded, wide-eyed with an innocence that appeared remarkably genuine.
     "Frequently!" Fortunately, there're enough willing hands up at the Plateau, so I'll see that I have help."

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Dragonriders of Pern: All the Weyrs of Pern
by Anne McCaffrey

p.47 "You don't sleep, do you, Aivas?"
     "This facility operates as long as it has sufficient power to do so. Sleep is a human requirement."
     Sebell winked at Menolly.
     "And you have none?" she demanded, jamming her fists into her belt as she faced the screen squarely.
     "This facility is programmed to give optimum use at human convenience."
     Do I hear a tone of apology in your voice, Aivas?" she asked.
     "This facility is programmed not to give offense."
p.67 "K'van had been a determined and responsible youngster, and now that he was grown to manhood, those traits were refined. He would stand against Toric simply because Toric didn't think he could.

p.89 AGAINST HIS ENTREATIES, F'lar took Master Robinton back to Cove Hold.
     "You need the rest and the quiet, Robinton," F'lar told the Harper sternly. "You won't get half that if you're allowed to stay at Landing again tonight. You're exhausted."
     "But what a wonderful way to get tired, F'lar. And every time I turn around, I think of something else I must ask Aivas." Robinton chuckled. "It's rather like knowing you have the most fabulous vintage in your glass and being torn between drinking and admiring.
     F'lar shot him an amused look. "That's apt enough, considering the source."

p.100 She looked up and smiled at the Harper. "We've accomplished so much today, Master Robinton."
     "And did you get any sleep last night, young woman?"
     Her cheeks dimpled in a mischievous smile. Indeed we did!" And then she colored. "I mean, we both slept. I mean, Piemur fell asleep first--oh, blast!"

p.238 "At least Groghe keeps his sense of proportion. Here he comes now." She pointed to Lord Groghe, who was leading the fort Hold contingent into the Hatching Ground. His attire was almost sober in the midst of the other gaudily dressed folk. Lessa nodded approval. "And he's sensibly wearing boots," she went on as she watched sturdy Lord Holder striding across the sands while others in his party minced, lifting their feet high in an effort to cool their leather soles. "The Dance of The Hatching Ground Sands," she added, stifling a laugh.


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