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Dragonriders of Pern: Dragonsdawn
by Anne McCaffrey

p.42 "Hello," she said in a tone between surprise and cordiality.

p.85-86 "Forewarned is forearmed, Sallah. Have you mentioned these suspicions to anyone else?"
     She shook her head vigorously. "No, sir! It's bad enough suspecting there are maggots in the meat without offering anyone else a bite."

p.121 Once again, Sallah shook her head over her whimsical fancy, which had managed to settle on one of the most elusive males of her acquaintance. Of course, she consoled herself, anything easily had is rarely worth having.

p.121 "Lords, gods, and minor deities!"

p.134 She had almost bridged the distance between continent and island and could see waves lashing the granite rock. she veered to port, looking for the mouth of the natural harbor where the long-dead survey team had made camp. She had told Kimmer to meet her there. She felt better about being someplace that had already been occupied. She could not stand listening to the idiot colonists going on and on about being "first" to see this or "first" to step there, or the naming arguments that continually dominated conversation night after night around the bonfire. Shit in Drake's Lake! Fatuous ass! Lousy gravity-ball player!

NAMES: Ongola, Bitra, Tashkovich, Nabol, Lemos, Olubushtu, Kung, Usuai, Kimmer, Sallah, Munson, Alhinwa
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