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Chronicles of Pern: First Fall

Dragondriders of Pern: Chronicles of Pern: First Fall
by Anne McCaffrey

p.127 "Should we bring a boat to make him feel at home?" Brian asked, grinning as he swayed easily with Cloudy's excited cavortings.
     "No, let's just make tracks and get him here, or the day'll be gone with no door in place," Red said, swinging up into his saddle.
     "And no feast tonight either, if my front doors are not in place, Peter Hanrahan," Mairi yelled from the kitchen door.
     "Let's go then, lads, or we go hungry!"

p.128 "How're we expected to get across that?" He pointed disgustedly at the swirling current of muddy water that separated them.
     "I told you to look for the cairn and line up the poles," Red shouted back, pointing to the right and then indicating the plainly visible--to him--steel pole on his side of the bank. "Spare me from spacemen who need a bloody computer to navigate and a blinking beacon to guide them."

p.222 The captain held up an admonishing finger at her science officer. "Remember the Roma, she said again.
     "Ma'am, eve the situation on the Roma didn't happen in a day."
     In the process of leaving the conference room, the captain stopped and stared quizzically at Ni Morgana. "Are you deliberately misquoting something, Lieutenant?"

p.228-229 Benden had plotted the gig's course to interrupt the geosynchronous orbit of the three colony ships, to see if the colonists had left a message to be retrieved. But when he opened communications, all he got was the standard identification response, stating the name and designation of the Yokohama.
     "That might not mean anything," Saraidh remarked, seeing Benden's disappointment. "If the colony's up and running, they won't have much use for those hulks. Though I find that sight rather sad," she added as Rukbat suddenly illuminated the deserted vessels.
     "Why," Nev asked, surprised.
     Saraidh gave a shrug of her slender, elegant shoulders. "Look up their battle records and you might appreciate their present desuetude more."
     "Their what?" Nev looked blank.
     "Look up that word, too," she said, and, in an almost cloying tone, spelled it for him.

NAMES: Aleta, Cass, Aphro, China, Captiva, Teresa, Kibby, Amadeus
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