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The Winter of the World
by Poul Anderson

p.8 "Folk lose, folk win; in the end, we give back to the land what it lent us."

p.33 "midnight hair streaked with meteors"

p.34 "Anybody else is welcome to claim yesteryear as for his, if tomorrow be mine."

p.36 "Lightning seared, thundre bawled, rain blurred the glass and chill crept from it."

p.31 "Torture takes too long anyway, and the results are too runreliable."

p.49 Lily Sisters

p.53 "Eyach!" -- epithet, like "damn" or "shimatta"

p.53-54 "What I really am is a shully."
"A what?" Casiru inquired.
"Common word around the Mother Ocean," Jossereck said. "We have people, mostly men, who go rootless, wander around from island to island, living by whatever comes to hand and never staying put for long. Some are--worthless, or dangerous, beggars, swindlers, thieves, bandits, murderers, whenever they think it's safe."

p.54 "An honest migratory worker." He felt tension ease, and smiled into her eyes. "Not necessarily law-abiding. There are too many silly little laws, in the countless silly little nations around Oceania, for us to keep track of. But we have our code. Also, we take pride in being skillful workmen. Not that we're formally organized or anything. We have a king, ceremonies, yearly meetings, but nobody keeps a register of membership, or initiates new chums, none of that nonsense. Word gets around. Everybody soon knows who is and is not a proper shully."

p.62 "Hoy?" -- What? (with surprise)

p.80 "cuirass"?

p.82 "The metal is hot, but not yet in the mold."

p.94 Campfires and sentinel lanterns spread widely. But they were sparks, lost amidst night and miles, as were fugitive sounds from the host, a man's call, a horse's whinny, a flute's loneliness. Breath smoked on the chill.

p.100 "Rachan" -- expletive; "bitch"

p.111 Rogaviki = Children of the Sky

p.115 The day was bright and windy. Clouds scudded white-sailed, a hawk surfed on the blast, when he came to open fields he saw how crows on the ground flattened their wings and wavelets wandered in batallions or rainpuddles. Hedgegrows rustled; trees, hazel, apple, sugar maple, beech, soughed around the buildings. Four young women were out weeding; places like this planted several acres in grain and garden truck, for use and trade.

p.126 "I appreciate rudeness, Guildsman. Lies and flattery are worse than useless."

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by Poul Anderson

p.18 To make matters worse, a hurricane raged along the seacoast west of him. To wait in orbit till the window for an approach from the east opened would squander time. Besides, weather along that flight path had its own nasty spots. This atmosphere was not Earth's. Steep axial tilt and rapid rotation increased the treacherousness. Meterologist Hrodny was still struggling to develop accurate computer programs. Crewfolk argued about whether to recommend naming the planet Satan or Loki.

p.29 Wind and Rain, dark as night,
The cock crowed and would not stop.
Now that I have seen my lord,
How can I any more be sad?

p.38-39 Every northern summer solstice on Mars, the Order of the Received Cosmosophy brought forth from Pryor's tomb the device he related finding in a cave on Ascraeus Mons, left by the Galactics to await a genius who could endure to use it. Since his translation to a higher existence, it again lay inert; but a procession carried it to the Temple of Truth for solemn ceremonies before returning it to its resting place. Perhaps another genius would appear, in whose brain the quantum mechanical resonances would pulse anew, bringing further manifestations from the Ones. Meanwhile its appearances reminded the faithful of the doctrines their prophet had received, which the Synod of Interpreters rendered into day-by-day commandments. Such a communion will not take kindly to an outsider who loads with instruments an apartment that the processions must pass, afterward publishing her data and explaining how they show that the circuits in the box do nothing and never could do anything.
     "Why did you?" Nansen pursued.
     "I've told people over and over," she spat. "To expose the fraud."
     "You haven't, you know," he said. "Devout believers go on believing, and call you the liar. You are not stupid. Nor do I think you are completely naive. It was a good deal of trouble to go, for what you should have foreseen was a pointless prank. Why? What drove you to it?"
     She swallowed hard, red and white surging across her face. The sun made flame of her hair. He waited.
     "All right," she got out. "I didn't put this in my file because I didn't think it was anybody else's business. But I suppose it is yours, and you'll keep it to yourself. I had a dear friend. He owned property on Mars. The Order wanted it, and did him out of it, blackening his name in the process. He... got drunk, got careless about his air supply in the desert, died. The body wasn't found till too late for retrieval. I was angry."

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