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I Feel Like the Morning Star
by Gregory Maguire

p.106 "Jesus Buddha Krishna Christ." --Mart

p.254 "I feel, I feel, I feel... I feel like the morning star"

p.185 She pulled his head to her side as if it were a bottle whose stubborn lid she was trying to loosen.

p.190 So they fell silent and listened to the story of God's love affair with Himself, giving Himself more and more elaborate presents and seeing that it was good. Mart thought the story showed God to be lacking in a certain amount of native intelligence. If he couldn't see the grand finale--the creation of man and woman--was less than good, was in fact disastrous--"And God looked at what He saw and realized He had made a serious mistake"--then He probably deserved the turning away from him that the Jews and Gentiles persisted in doing throughout the millennia. A child eventually gets a sour taste in the mouth when the failings of the parents become evident."

p.203-204 Mart winked. It went like a thunderclap across Sorb's thoughts. Mart's lashes lowered with colossal intention, shielding acre by acre the vast taut shimmering dome of storm-gray iris, crashing and meshing with the windscreen of the lower lashes, and then coming to an interminable midpoint of lockout (when the sun and stars and moon and any other heavenly bodies up there had fallen due to lack of human adoration and human longing, for when the sky has been forgotten and orbits lose their elastic strength and the whole mesmorama slips its gears) but like the first wave in the first ocean, the top lashes stirred and lifted and the globe of power reasserted itself, the streaks and trails of dawn dust in the revealed iris shocking him, the screws and grommets of the muscles at either end of the eye's bulge wrinkling clockwise and back again, and finally Sorb was naked as a fish before the eye of a whale, about to be eaten, digested, and eliminated without the consciousness of the whale so much as flinching.

NAMES: Nazira, Afshar, Mbulu, Vavilys, Sorb, Mart, Ella, Mazerius
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Gathering Blue
by Lois Lowry

p.85 Kira closed her eyes, thought, and said them aloud. "Madder for red. Bedstraw for red too, just the roots. Tops of tansy for yellow, and greenwood for yellow too. And yarrow: yellow and gold. Dark hollyhocks, just the petals for mauve."
     "Snotweed," Matt said loudly with a grin and wiped his own runny nose on his dirty sleeve.
     "Hush, you," Kira said to him, laughing. "Don't play foolish now. It's important I remember.
     "Broom sedge," she added, still remembering. "Goldy yellows and browns. And Saint Johnswort for browns too, but it'll stain my hands.
     And bronze fennel--leaves and flowers; use them fresh--and you can eat it too. Chamomile for tea and for green hues."
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Dancing With An Alien
by Mary Logue

p.32 I had taken senior lifesaving and I knew the motto: "Reach, throw, row, go." There was nothing to reach this guy with, nothing to throw from the raft, no boat available to row out to him. So I was going. I hoped I could find him.

   I did the lifesaver's jump into the water. It's like a modified belly flop so your head doesn't go below water and you can keep your eyes on the spot the person went down.

p.77 There is never much doubt in Beatrice's life. She is very certain about what she believes in. She stopped going to church with her parents when she was nine. She told the pastor she didn't believe in a male god. She refused to say the pledge of allegiance in sixth grade, said it infringed on her civil rights.

p.97 I lay on my bed and listened to my heart beat. If you put your hand on your neck, it sounds like your heart is in your head. I decided my heart was in my head. I wasn't thinking anymore. I was simply feeling.
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Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze
by Elizabeth Foreman Lewis

"In the four seas all men are brothers." --Confucius

"Shi chi deh hua" -- Chinese -- "extremely queer"

"kuai lai" -- Chinese -- "come quickly"

p.115 "The fool always expends effort to make his superior seem less than himself." --Old Tsu

"The shallow teapot does the most spouting!" --Fu Be Be

NAMES: Beh, Hsui, Hsu, T'sen, Feng, Tang, Yu-hsu, Dsong, Dong
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Ho-ming: Girl of New China
by Elizabeth Foreman Lewis

"Ih, er, san, si, wu, luh, chi, bah, diju, shi" -- numbers 1-10 in Chinese

p.17 Well, the roof above her was tilted and each corner turned upward that demons bent on mischief might find no footing thereon.

hsien = country

"I have the fidelity of the dog and I am treated like one."

"C'heo si la!" Chinese: "Ugly unto death!"

NAMES: Lao Po-po, Ho-ming, sng, Mei-li, Li, Shui-niu, Je-je
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The Two Princesses of Bamarre
by Gail Carson Levine

p.20 People wealthy enough to own marble put a slab of it outdoors in hopes of witnessing a birth. Father always did so, although we'd never been lucky.
     When a birth occurred, the lightning and marble begot a flame that grew and outfolded as might a quick-blooming rose. Within the flame would be a sorcerer--full grown, still growing, his nakedness covered by a shimmering cocoon.
     He would look about him for a moment. Then he would look inward and learn what he was. In a burst of joy he would rocket into the sky, into the storm, showering sparks. The speed of flight would burn off the cocoon, but a sparkle of the flame that gave him life would burn on his chest, sustaining him until death.

p.20-21 Life Span: Sorcerers need only air to live. They may eat or drink for pleasure, but they need not. They are incapable of sleep. Although they never take ill, they may die in many other ways as humans can, by accident or by design or in a war. If they do not meet without disaster, however, then at the end of five hundred years the spark is extinguished, and they die.
     During their first two hundred years they are apprentices, and they live out in the world. At the end of that time, they are journey men and retreat to their citadel, which they rarely leave again.
Appearance: Their most distinguishing feature is their white eyelashes. All sorcerers, male or female, young or old, have dark, wavy hair. The species runs to tallness: The average height of a female is five feet and ten inches; the average height of a male is six feet and two inches. All have long, tapering fingers and long, graceful necks. The faces are individual, with as much variety of feature as is seen in humankind. Immature sorcerers have the opened, unlined faces of youth.
Disposition and relations with humans: Sorcerers are neither universally good or universally bad. They have been heroes and villains, but most sorcerers, like most humans, are a blend of good and bad qualities.
     Although most are indifferent to humans, some of the young go through a phase of intense interest that always terminates at the end of their apprenticeship. A few marriages between sorcerers and humans have occurred, and children have been born of such unions.

p.?? molly herb: pain reliever, just eat the flower

93 Step follows step.
     Hope follows courage.
     Set your face toward danger.
     Set your heart on victory.
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by Louise Lawrence

p.54 "What's religion?" asked Eth. "What's worship? What's god? I don't understand the words, Cable."
     Cable tried to explain the sense of the numinous and the almighty power of creation. On Arboth it was acknowledged in the universe itself, in the natural landscapes and the for essential elements, in the wind and the weather and the light of the Roth Star, in plants and animals and people. But on Malroth, people believed that all things came from El-Tesh. His words and wishes, interpreted by priests, became laws that no one could question, and rituals were devised to praise and placate him. This was called worship, said Cable, and anyone who questioned the dictates of the priests, who worshipped in a different way or refused to believe El-Tesh ever existed either as a god or as an entity apart from his image, were persecuted--imprisoned, sacrificed, or slaughtered. On Malroth, in the name of El-Tesh, the priests had assumed power over everyone else. Extracted payment from people for their prayers or intercession, anointed kings who had ruled the population on their behalf and gathered armies to quell rebellions, employed scholars to study science and invent new weapons for killing. And women were considered inferior to men because they lacked male genitalia and were not created in the image of El-Tesh. They had no power, no voice, no rights, no social status. And so, unopposed and with the blessings of El-Tesh, men were free to commit all manner of atrocities. They built machines to harness and subjugate the forces of nature, and finally they destroyed themselves and the planet.

p.61 In all there were seven etheric planes, Nemony told her. The physical plane was the lowest, between the so-called living and the so-called dead. Eth could not visit the higher planes, but she could not stay there and waking usually erased the memory, reduced to fragments she experienced there, dreamlike snatches and rainbow hues and gold light shining in an unremembered world, ethereal voices fading from her head. She was not a medium, as most dream-weavers were. No higher being guided her or chose her as an oracle, took over her body whenever she vacated it and used her vocal cords to speak. Once trained she would be like Nemony, an ordinary dream-weaver with no special skills.

NAMES: Sorren, Meera, Kanderin, Eth, Nemony, Yordan, Zella, Malroth, Liadd, Zuke
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The View From Saturday
by E. L. Koingsburg

p.1 The fact was that Mrs. Olinski did not know how she had chosen her team, and the further fact was that she didn't know that she didn't know until she did know.

p.6 When I was down in Florida, Tillie Nachman had said, "The ballpoint pen has been the biggest single factor in the decline of Western Civilization. It makes the written word cheap, fast, and totally without character."

p.8 Sha! a shanka far die kinder! (German) Hush up, it's a shame for the children (to hear)

p.22 Dr. Rohmer could not, would not take his eyes off the man at the podium, and Mrs. Olinski thought of Alice in Wonderland. "Don't look at me like that!" said the King to the Cheshire Cat. "A cat may look at a king," said Alice. Mrs. Olinski wanted to tell Dr. Rohmer that a cat may look at a king. But why bother? The audience was not allowed to speak.

p.23 a mistake. Like brushing the cinnamon off cinnamon toast.

p.27 zaftig -- pleasantly plump

p.51 I watched three talk shows on television. One was about teenagers whose mothers flirt with their boyfriends. They were pathetic. Another was about men who said they lost their jobs because they would not cut off their ponytails. They were pathetic. The third was about people who pierce weird body parts: One girl had a silver nail run through her belly button, another had a diamond stud stuck in her tongue. One exposed her belly button, and the other stuck out her tongue. They were disgusting.

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The Long Season of Rain
by Helen Kim

changma -- long rainy season
komooshin -- traditional footwear made of rubber
Uhnni -- (written like another name, e.g.. Changhee Uhnni) -- used for older (than the speaker) unmarried woman
Opa -- (written like Uhnni) older male relative
chung -- deeper than and different from love. An attachment that that grows with time and sharing. Even if you don't like someone you can still have much chung for them
bulgoki -- marinated beef
han -- sorrow and grief
chul -- maturity and wisdom

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Fell Down
by M. E. Kerr

p.416 "I'm not in love...Do you know how pointless everything is when you're not in love?"

p.428 Poor little tyke was all alone in the world... almost... almost (Presque, as they say in Paris, and in Madrid they say casi. See how many languages you can say "almost" in.)

p.435 I couldn't really give either one of them a hard time. It was as though Central Casting had picked them to be The Nice Parents... He even smoked a pipe, which gave him a sort of philosophical air: the thoughtful type. A pharmacist by profession, you could imagine him ministering to people, wearing one of those short white coats people wear when they can't have the long one that means MD.

p.456 Algernon Charles Swinburne. (Never heard of him, right?)
     This twisted poet of yore (a lush, yes; none of them are ever happy) inspired Nels to underline so many passages!
     One afternoon Lenny took a good look at what it was that captured his pal's attention.
     I wished we were together today,
     Lost sight of, hidden way out of sight, Clasped
     and clothes in the clothes in the cloven clay,
     Out of the world's way, out of the light.
     Oh, yes, and how about this one?
     At the door of life, by the gate of breath,
     There are worse things waiting for men than death.
     Sick, sick sick... and he was all Lenny's.

p.458 "Jazzy, I know it's hard to get used to get used to, but Mommy has a right to go out. Daddy's in heaven."
     "Daddy's not. He's rolling over in his grave."
     "That's what Aunt Clara said. She said Daddy's probably rolling over in his grave."

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Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack!
by M. E. Kerr

p.10 "Bosch, Hieronymous: A Dutch painter known for his scenes of nightmarish tortures in hell at the hands of weird monsters."


p.19 "There's an old Chinese saying: Man is what man hears he is, though keyhole." -- Tucker's Dad

p.22 "To ask someone like Dinky to go into Woerner's Restaurant just to pick up pies for her mother was to ask a wino to drop in at a vineyard just to watch the bottling process." --Tucker, narrating

p.35 Hydrocephalics, or people with hydrocephalus: "People with water on the brain. They have oversized heads. Their heads are so big they can hardly carry them on their shoulders. They don't live long." --Dinky

p.57 "I should sit on a rock off Cornwall and comb my hair. I should wear tiger pants, I should have an affair. We should meet in another life, we should meet in air, Me and you."

p.66 What's a bordello?
     "It's a place where gracious ladies sell their favors to bashful gentlemen." -- Jingle
     "It's a place where ignorant women sell themselves to desperate men." --Tucker's Dad
     "You mean a whorehouse... I get it." --Tucker

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Return from Luna
by D. S. Halacy, Jr.

p.6 There was bitter irony in thanking a man for kicking the props out from under him!

p.13 He was a lean, crew-cut flier turned scientist who must have starred on the football field in college, Rob thought. You could spot an athlete from his stride and movements.

p.14 But wouldn't it be wonderful if all our efforts could be directed towards benefits and not destruction?

p.29 "Door coming open!" said the voice in the speaker, and slowly the entryway slid back, revealing the surface of the moon. Rob caught his breath at the sight--like silvery beach sand in the illumination of the moon low in the horizon, he thought, and then caught himself. Not the moon, the Earth! He gaped like an infant at a sight he was seeing for the first time in his eighteen years--Mother Earth riding in the lunar sky, a huge blue-green ball swathed in filmy white.

p.30-31 Jumping on the moon, Rob knew, was the mark of the newcomer. But he didn't let that stop him. With a mighty vertical push-off, he vaulted higher than Munson's head in a leap that brought a cry of pleased surprise from him. So what if you couldn't walk easily? You could leap as if you were wearing seven-league boots! He came down with jolt that surprised him until he remembered something Carpenter had told him. Although weight is slow, inertia is still with you on the moon. If you jump with all your might you land as hard as you would when jumping with all your might on Earth. So it wasn't as dreamy as he had expected, at least not the landing part of it. But that didn't stop him from leaping again like an intoxicated pogo stick. And when he looked back, there was Professor Munson right behind him!
     The two of them met the welcoming committee halfway between the base and the newly arrived craft. The man in the lead stuck out a hand in greeting and his smile was broad.
     "You must be Professor Munson," he said. "And don't feel apologetic, we're all frustrated ballet dancers at heart, I believe."

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