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Left Behind #7: The Indwelling
by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

p.46 "I'm sorry?"
     "Is this David Hayseed?"
     "This is Director Hassid, yes."
     "Do you know who this is?"
     "Yes! It sounds like Minister Blood. Haven't talked to you in ages. Good to hear from you again--"
     "That's Blod, and did I or did I not tell you to get over here?"
     "Is this multiple choice? I believe you did."
     "Then why are you not here?"
     "Let me guess. Because I'm here?"
     "Agh! Listen here, you! Get over here this instant or--"
     "Or what? You're going to tell my mom? I don't recall being subordinate to you, sir. Now if you have something you need me to procure for you, and you have clearance from the Supreme Commander--"
     "A purchasing agent is not subordinate to a cabinet minister? Are you from Mars?"
     "Actually Israel, sir."
     "Would you stop calling me sir?"
     "I thought you called me, sir."
     "I mean quit calling me that!"
     "What? Sir? I'm sorry, I thought you were male."
     "You stay right where you are, Director. I'll be right over."
     "That wasn't so hard, was it, Guy? I mean, it's you who wants to talk with me, not the other way around."

p.277 "And how did you come to faith, sir?"
     "Nothing dramatic, I'm afraid. I have always been religious, but Rayford and Mac and Abdullah all urged me to at least consider the writings of Dr. Ben-Judah. Finally I did. You know what reached me? His assessment of the difference between religion and Christianity."
     "I know it well," Buck said, "if you're referring to his contention is man's attempt to reach God, while Jesus is God's attempt to reach man."

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Left Behind #6: Assassins
by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

p.93 "They scooted their chairs back to soften the angle as they looked up at her."

p.230-231 David took double precautions by inserting a glitch into the computers in his department. The complicator was purely mathematical. A key component in plotting coordinates, of course, is measuring angles and computing distances between various points. On paper such calculations would take hours. On a calculator, less time. But on a computer, the results were virtually instantaneous. David planted, however what he called a floating multiplier. In layman's terms, any time the computer was assigned a calculations, a random component transposed side-by-side in the third, fourth, or fifth, step. Not even David knew which step it would select, let alone which digits. When the calculation was repeated, the error would be duplicated three times in a row, so checking the computer against itself was useless.

p.246 The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

p.254 "I was known as a straightforward, opinionated guy, and people pretty much liked me. Unless they was too sophisticated. If they was, I'd use the word was where I'm s'posed to use were, like I just did there, and tweak 'em to death."

NAMES: Hasse, Rehoboth, Bindura, Jurgen, Mwangati, Ngumo
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Left Behind #5: Apollyon
by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

p.70 And the elder said, 'These are the ones who come out of the great tribulation, and washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.'

p.74-75 With the singsong cadence necessary to keep the interpreters on pace, Fortunato addressed the crowd anew. "As supreme commander of the Global Community and as one who has personally benefited from his supernatural ability to perform miracles, it shall be my pleasure in a moment to introduce you to His Excellency, Global Community potentate Nicolae Carpathia!"
     Fortunato had ended with a flourish, as if expecting cheering and applause. He stood smiling and -- to Buck's mind -- embarrassed and perturbed when no one responded. No one even moved. Every eye was on Fortunato except Tsion's.
     Leon quickly gathered himself. "His Excellency will personally welcome you, but first I would like to introduce the revered head of the new Enigma Babylon One World Faith, the supremem pontiff, Pontifex Maximus, Peter the Second!"
     Fortunato swept grandly back, beckoning to the helicopter, from which emerged the comical figure of the man Buck knew as Peter Mathews, former archbishop of Cincinnati. He had become pope briefly after the disappearance of the previous pontiff but was now the amalgamator of nearly every religion on the globe save Judaism and Christianity.
     Mathews had somehow emerged from the helicopter with style, despite being garbed in the most elaborate clerical garb Buck had ever seen. "What in the world is that?" Chloe said.
     Buck watched agape as Peter the Second lifted his hands to the crowd and turned slowly in a circle as if to include everybody in his pompous and pious greeting. He wore a high, peaked cap with an infinity symbol on the front and a floor-length, iridescent yellow robe with a long train and billowy sleeves. His vestments were bedecked with huge, inlaid, brightly colored stones and appointed with tassels, woven cords, and bright blue, crushed velvet stripes, six on each sleeve, as if he had earned some sort of a double doctorate from the Black Light Discotheque University. Buck covered his moth to stifle a laugh. When Mathews turned around, he revealed astrological signs on the train of his robe.
     His hands moved in circles as if to bless everyone, and Buck wondered how he felt about hearing nothing from the audience. Would Carpathia dare face this indifference, this hostility?

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Left Behind #4: Soul Harvest
by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins (large print version)

p.39 Most appeared not to even see him, following one another as if trusting that someone somewhere near the front of the line had an idea where he might find help.

p.59 "How does something underground withstand the shifting of the earth?"
     "Part genius, part luck, I guess," Mac said.
     "The whole thing floats, suspended on some sort of a membrane filled with hydraulic fluid sitting on a platform of springs that serve as mammoth shock absorbers."

p.139 The pickup rattled and lurched over unpaved roads until it arrived at the outskirts of the city. Rayford was sickened by the smell. He still found it hard to accept that this was part of God's ultimate plan. Did this many people have to suffer to make some eternal point? He took cumfort that this was not God's desired result. Rayford believed God was true to his word, that he had given people enough chances that he could now justify allowing this to get their attention.

p.279 "You must've never been hit in the back of the head with an airplane."

p.312 He could find no pulse. He switched the wristbands.
     Buck knew this only bought him time. It wouldn't belong before someone discovered that this postmenopausal dead woman was not a pregnant twenty-two-year-old.

p.422 He wished he'd had some defense or assault training. There must be some strategic response to a man in your face carrying an Uzi.

NAMES: Kuntz, Cavenaugh
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Left Behind #2: Tribulation Force
by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

p.131 "I am motivated by truth and justice," Buck said flatly.
     "Ah, and the American way!' Carpathia said. "Just like Superman!"
     "More like Clark Kent," Buck said. "I'm just a mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan weekly."

p.138 Buck felt as if he had won the lottery in a society where money was useless.

p.389 Despite the billions of people who populate this planet, you can put a postcard in the mail with just a few distinctions on it, and I will be the only person to receive it. You eliminate much of the world when you send it to Israel. You narrow it more when it comes to Jerusalem. You cut the potential recipients to a tiny fraction when it goes to a certain street, a certain number, a certain apartment, and then, with my first and last name, you have singled me out of billions."


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